Board of Directors

The Amethyst Place Board consists of individuals from agencies at the front line, as well as community volunteers who recognize and understand the problems recovering women with children have in securing affordable, safe housing in a drug-free environment. Board meetings occur on the second Wednesday of every month at 12:00 noon at 2740 Troost. Current Board members are listed below:

  • Sheryl Feutz-Harter, Chair, Forbes Law Group
  • Rachel Whipple, Vice Chair, Kansas City Police Department, retired
  • Preston Washington, Secretary, Community Volunteer
  • Nancy Leazer, Treasurer, Community Volunteer
  • Penny Clodfelter, Family Drug Court
  • Lori Glenski, ReDiscover
  • Elizabeth Glynn, Travois
  • Jaimie Gray, Weave Gotcha Covered/Alumni
  • Janet Hargarten, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
  • Dawn Harp, Hallmark Cards
  • Bryan Love, Kansas City Neighborhood Academy
  • Becky Pellham, Heartland Center for Behavioral Change/Alumni
  • Brooke Runnion, Lockton

Program Council

  • Jennifer Jackson, Missouri Children’s Division
  • Kayla Sullivan, Operation Breakthrough
  • Lori Glenski, ReDiscover
  • Oneta Templeton, Children’s Mercy Hospital TIES
  • Penny Clodfelter, Jackson County Family Drug Court
  • Sam Griggs, Comprehensive Mental Health Services
  • Shawna Drake, Heartland Center for Behavioral Change

Special Advisors

  • Alan Dubois
  • Alice Ellison
  • Alice Kitchen
  • David Ross
  • Irene Caudillo
  • Sister Berta Sailer
  • Sister Corita Bussanmas
  • Sister Jeanne Christensen
  • Steve O’Neill